Photo: Ian Terris

“Movement is what we are, not something we do.”

– Emilie Conrad

Ashley certified as a Continuum movement teacher in 2016 after 500+ hours of training.  She was a scholarship student under Emilie Conrad at the Continuum Studio (Los Angeles) from 2010 – 2012

Continuum is a gentle, restorative movement practice that focuses on developing internal sensation and awareness. We use breath, sounding and subtle movement to help soften restrictive movement patterns and cultural conditioning so that we can regain access to and revel in our bodies’ innate wisdom, responsiveness, and healing potential. Rather than viewing the body as an object, Continuum explores the body as a living process.

Continuum has been shown to be beneficial for pain, chronic injury and other physical limitations, including groundbreaking work with paralysis, and promotes deep relaxation, wellbeing and a sense of connectedness. Continuum is also employed by artists to unlock creative blocks and support creativity and improvisation.”

– Continuum Teacher Emma Destrube


Intrinsic Movement