Photo: Susan McKenzie

“Dance was made for the body, not the body for dance.”

– Amelia Itcush

Ashley is interested in how we train dancers of all ages and abilities to respect the body and develop the creative mind. She combines theories of alignment, physical maintenance, fluid movement, and internal sensing into every class. In addition, she encourages the dancer to become interested in their moving body, daily maintenance and rehabilitation. Ashley’s understanding of the body in motion and application for cross training the dancing body is directly influenced by the work of her three primary mentors. Amelia Itcush in the Itcush Method, Emilie Conrad in Continuum Movement and Shauna Sky in high performance training. Ashley believes that it is in the synthesis of combining Amelia’s balancing forces, Emilie’s fluid undulation and Shauna’s core coordination that the dancing body experiences physical freedom.

Ashley is available for workshops, residencies, classes and lectures.

Email for specific rates.