Photo: Daniel Paquet

Dance Diploma

from Grant MacEwan College

Bachelor Arts in Dance

from University of Calgary

Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method

(1000 hour)

Continuum Movement

Registered Somatic Educator (RSME)

(500 hour)


of the interdisciplinary somatic creation company,
Prairie House

Ashley is interested in investigating the body in motion. In an intentional exploration, she investigates a three-pronged approach to movement as an educator, artist and somatic practitioner. She brings a sensitivity regarding alignment, healthy bodies and regulated systems that carries into all her elements of practice.

She believes that the creation and production of new and original work derives from the landscape in which we inhabit. Her work as a dance artist focuses on site-specific creation in a variety of unusual settings. She believes dance happens everywhere.

As an educator Ashley is interested in how we integrate art practice into daily life. Her inquiry into daily movement practices lead her to apprentice with movement pioneers from around North America. She continues to be engaged in asking questions of how we preserve legacy while encouraging evolution in order to further investigate creativity, efficiency and movement as a way of knowing.

Ashley has taught, performed and worked with clients in Northern Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, and Los Angeles. She currently lives with her partner in a beautiful old house in the southern prairie city of Regina, Saskatchewan. She plans to stay here far longer than she resided in any of her earlier settlements.