Itcush Method

Spring Intensive

Healthy Feet • Mobile Spine • Calm Mind

April 29 – May 2, 2021

This workshop focuses on getting you ready for Spring.

As we transition from winter to a new season we focus on creating healthy feet and a mobile pain-free spine. Walking, gardening, yard work, dancing – get prepared for more movement as the days become longer and the weather warmer.

Schedule (CST – Saskatchewan time)

Live Classes

Foot Focussed Class: Thursday 6:30–7:45pm

Spine Focussed Class: Sunday 1:00–2:30pm

Live Concept Lecture

Friday 7:00–7:45pm

Mini Lesson

Saturday – delivered to your Inbox


Regular Fee: $80 full workshop + recordings

Family Discount*: 50% discount for each additional family member

(*applies when family members live in different locations)