Ashley is a somatic practitioner trained in group facilitation and hands on bodywork as a Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method teacher. She is recognized by the international registering body ISMETA as a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSME, RSMT) and holds certification as a  Continuum Movement teacher.  She regularly works with diverse populations in movement re-education, chronic pain management and injury rehabilitation in order to shift postural patterning and increase efficient movement. Ashley has completed over 2000 hours of education in this field. In 2011 she certified as a Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method Teacher under Amelia Itcush and upgraded her training in 2015 with Toshie Okabe.  Ashley trained with Emilie Conrad in Continuum Movement. In 2013 Ashley began and ongoing apprenticeship with Kinesiologist and high performance coach Shauna Sky and with her continues to investigate methods for strength, conditioning, coaching and energy management.

Ashley is available for private sessions, classes, workshops, workplace assessments and lectures.

Email for specific rates.